A Snowy Day and Falling Water Falls


A snowstorm had hit in early December 2013, resulting in a six to eight inch icy blanket across the River Valley and the Ozarks.  I woke up, taking in the picture perfect scene outside my kitchen window.  Kurt, however, had bigger plans in mind.

“I bet it’s beautiful at Richland Creek!  I’m going!”

So he packed up his camera gear, and an extra pair of socks, and headed out.

I was a little worried.  The roads there are very curvy, steep and desolate.  If he had a wreck, or got stuck, there may be little help available.  To top it off, the cell phone service in that area is terrible.

These are photos of the road conditions:

Highway 7
Highway 16

Several hours had passed, and I had not heard from him.  My mind began to race, coming up with all sorts of horrible scenarios.  A wise person once told me that fear is an acronym for False Events Appearing Real.   I was in full FEAR mode, and then the phone rang.

The Caller ID revealed a number that I had never seen.  It was Kurt;  he had gotten stuck not far from Falling Water Falls.


Fortunately, he spotted a small cabin close by.  He took a risk and knocked on the door.  The Caseys, Virginia and Paul,  answered, and invited him in.  Over coffee and cookies, they listened to his predicament.  They gave him a shovel, a few more cookies and sent him on his way.

The road leading to Falling Water Falls

Kurt was moved by their hospitality, and has kept in touch.  I had the pleasure of meeting them last year.  Sometimes when she is in Russellville, Mrs. Virginia will stop by Gallery B to purchase photo cards, including one that was taken on that frosty day.


That’s the great thing about Arkansas.  The beauty isn’t  limited to what is found on a trail, by a waterfall, or even in a museum, but it includes the many wonderful citizens that choose to call this state home.



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