In Quiet Solitude

         We arrived at church super early Saturday night, so I had a little more quiet time than usual on this Easter weekend.  And this came to me……

In quiet solitude
I learn about love
Whispers of adoration
Are received from above.


In quiet solitude
I feel the light
The passion of His spirit
Fills me tonight.

In quiet solitude
A tear rolls down my face
Unmerited favor
I experience grace.


In quiet solitude
I let go of the past
Forgiving myself and others
I’m free at last.

In quiet solitude
I face all my fears
They will not stifle me
In the coming years.


In quiet solitude
I see the road ahead
I don’t need every answer right now
I will walk in faith instead.

There’s always a powerful shift
In me and my attitude
Because I encountered Him
In quiet solitude.



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