April Showers

There’s an old saying that April showers bring May flowers.  I say April showers bring April waterfalls.

Like Haw Creek Falls.


A primitive campground and popular swimming hole, Haw Creek is located on Highway 123, about 15 miles north of Hagarville.   The waterfall is best enjoyed in the spring months when it rains frequently.  In the summer, folks jump off the top of the falls and into the icy pool of Haw Creek.  I’ve never engaged in this activity at this location, but my son and his buddies did last May.

Austin and his rogue crew!

One awesome thing to note about the Haw Creek Campground area is that there is a trail to an additional seasonal waterfall, Pack Rat Falls.  On my maiden trek to Haw Creek Falls, it was a surprise to me that I was able to step out of my car, hear the roaring rush, and, in mere steps, take in the fabulous view!


So when Kurt asked me to go an additional three quarters of a mile to Pack Rat Falls, of course I complied.  The trail took us to the creek, and for most of the way we followed the creek, crawling over slick rocks, and through some brush.  It was worth it!

We visited Haw Creek Falls again last April, and, once again the area was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.  I read a book while Kurt captured the scene.

It’s a blessing to learn new ways of thinking.  In the not so distant past, rainy days brought a dreadful grey mood to my day.  I can now see them as opportunities to experience a unique aspect of nature that only precipitation can bring.


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