April Showers III – Penhook Hollow and the Little Black Dog

It was the eve of Kurt’s birthday, so that meant that he got to plan our weekend activities.  Of course, he wanted to go waterfall hunting, and since Austin was tagging along, he chose to forego visiting his favorite area, Richland Creek, and make a shorter drive to Penhook Hollow.  And since he was in such a jolly mood, he decided to invite his favorite dog, Buddy.


Penhook Hollow is a true Arkansas gem located about five miles north of Hector in the Illinois Bayou.  The short trail starts out as an easy four wheeler path, but then we kind of had scale down a hill and follow the creek.  This old cross was on the trail:


The cascades along the creek gave reason to pause…and capture!


Once along the creek, we were greeted with the first of several beautiful waterfalls:


We had to cross the creek a few times in our waterfall quest.  In doing so, we discovered that, while he is an excellent climber, Buddy is not a water loving dog!

In following the creek, we were led to Penhook Falls.  It was truly amazing!  I was pretty tired by then, and a log perched across the creek provided a great viewing spot.


Then I decided to turn around and get a shot of Austin.  I usually don’t try to balance on old tree trunks…..


but this pic was worth the risk!


Penhook Falls was running well that day!


This is absolutely one of the most beautiful areas in the state.  (I know that I’ll probably say that about most places we visit!)  Even if you don’t like to hike, just take a drive down scenic Highway 27.  The leaves will be emerging on the trees, the dogwoods are in bloom, and the Illinois Bayou will be flowing.  It will absolutely be time well spent!


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