Walking Around the UofA


As they say in Arkansas, we made a trek up the hill.  For you non-Arkies, that means we went to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  And although the weather was beautiful, and the Razorbacks were playing baseball, sports was not on our agenda.

Sabrina and some of her classmates were selected as finalists in the IE Challenge, a statewide Industrial Engineering competition.  The object of the challenge was to create the ultimate amusement park.  That seems like an easy task; however, it is anything but that.  Sabrina learned that planning, managing, monitoring and adjusting were necessary for success.  She and her partner, Emma, had to write a paper, create a Power Point presentation, and give a speech on their findings.


During an intermission, the kids were given a tour of the College of Engineering facilities.  I always enjoy going through Bell Engineering Center.


There were several robots housed in the lab.


There was a “lab” phase of the competition, and parents were excused for about an hour.  So, we explored our old alma mater.  Yes, Kurt and I both attended the University of Arkansas.    After we were married, I worked there for about nine years, resigning in 1997 to pursue my new career, motherhood.

Upon exiting White Engineering Hall, Old Main, the oldest and most recognizable building on campus, was our first stop.   Due to deterioration, the building was not occupied when I attended; however, soon after, funds were raised to make the necessary repairs, and, since the early 1990’s, students have attended classes in this century old structure.

Walking around campus is always fun, but sometimes a door is unlocked, delivering an invitation to enter and see what’s inside!

This interesting curved book wall was stretched across a common area in the Fay Jones School of Architecture Building.


A windmill sculpture peeking through the window caught our attention.


The building that I found most enjoyable to explore was newly renovated (2013) Hillside Auditorium.  The classrooms were large enough to house the entire student body of Pottsville!


Impressive artwork decorated the halls.  This wooden sculpture on the second floor, Number 23S by Leonardo Drew, is a textural beauty.  Tempted to touch, I remembered my good, mannerly upbringing, and  kindly kept my hands at my side!


A wreath-like structure was on the first floor.  As I was descending the stairs, it immediately caught my eye.  Moving in for a closer look, it became apparent that the components of this uncommon work were black and white ladies’ shoes!  It is titled The Difference Between Black and White; the ingenious creator is Willie Cole.


Having little time to spare, we ended our self tour and made a beeline to White Hall for the final round of the competition. The Pottsville kids did an outstanding job in their second presentations, sweeping the top five places in the competition.  Sabrina and Emma were awarded second place!


I have the mindset these days that, no matter where I go, new discoveries are right around the corner, whether it’s in the woods, on a trail, in a new city, or at an old “stomping ground”.  There’s a lot to see in my little world, and I’m always excited about the journey!

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