Seven Hollows Trail – Natural Bridge

The Seven Hollows Trail is definitely my favorite trail at Petit Jean State Park.  Many beautiful and amazing natural attractions can be seen here, among them is the natural bridge.

The trail is a four and one half mile loop, and the natural bridge is a little more than a mile from the trail head if you go left at the fork in the trail.

The mile hike is wonderfully shaded, extremely easy and includes some incredible sandstone bluffs.


I honestly never grow tired of admiring the towering rock structures that are a part of not only Petit Jean, but much of the Ozarks.


Austin tried his hand at scaling some of them.  It can be a little unnerving to see him do this, but he’s proven to be pretty surefooted.


There are also caves along this part of the trail.  They are open to explore, but unfortunately we forgot the flashlight so our spelunking adventure was cut a little short.


The trail and its features are so enjoyable and so easily accessible that it seems as if mere moments pass when the natural bridge is encountered.


There are a lot of nice smooth rocks that can be used to rest weary feet.  Experts actually believe that  the bridge was much larger, but over time has deteriorated.


Many people enjoy climbing on top of the bridge.  It’s a very easy task, but caution must be exercised!


What a magnificent natural wonder!


It’s hard to believe that I was well into adulthood before I ever hiked my first mile at Petit Jean State Park, but being able to enjoy interesting formations such as the natural bridge will always keep me coming back!


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