Long Pool Recreation Area

I had a neighbor who told me that he grew up near Long Pool.  He spent his childhood exploring in the woods, swimming and fishing in the creek, and climbing the bluffs on his family’s property that was located in this area of the Ozark National Forest.

He moved to California, spending most of his adult life farming.  Upon retirement, he and his beautiful wife decided to return to Arkansas, namely Russellville, where they were able to jump in the car, and, within less than an hour, visit this absolutely gorgeous location; the source of many fond memories.

I took delight in being able to make such a personal connection with this man.  I, too, love the Long Pool Recreation Area, where my family has camped, swam and hiked on numerous occasions.

Long Pool is located about twenty five miles north of Russellville.  To get there, take Highway 7 north, and continue on that highway six miles past Dover.  At this point, turn left on Highway 164.  Go three miles and turn right on County Road 14 .  Three miles later, veer right on County Road 15.  After a final two miles, the road dead ends into Long Pool Recreation Area.

It’s an area that’s enjoyable to visit during any season.  In the spring, many canoe the Big Piney Creek, which is a short walking distance from any of its forty campsites.


In the summer, the cool blue waters provide refreshment for many visitors.  More daring patrons climb these rocks to take the plunge!


Hikers will enjoy the Long Pool Waterfall Trail during the rainy spring and winter months.  It’s short, three quarter mile trek, with wonderful features, like these cascades.


As on any trail, there are some remarkable details that can’t be overlooked!


The trail ends at the waterfall, which has been quite magnificent during this year because of the unusual amount of rainy weather experienced in this area.


An absolutely breathtaking setting with so much to offer, Long Pool may be one of Pope County’s greatest little treasures. For those who love to play outdoors, it will never disappoint!


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