Atkins Bottoms Sunset

Dad and daughter set out again to capture the sunset.  The location was in a field in the Atkins Bottoms.

With Petit Jean Mountain overlooking, a solitary tree calls the land its home…..
….Its trunk, a victim of lightning’s fateful strike.atkins2

Battered, but persevering, it’s a testament of many.

Somehow able to project beauty in spite of the lack of proper dressing…..
And, in doing so, draws many, including father….


..and daughter.


The sun takes a final vibrant bow….
The tree nods in accordance.
Both will return for tomorrow’s unique presentation..



7 thoughts on “Atkins Bottoms Sunset

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post. As a photographer myself, I fell in love with this post immediately. But the story telling makes the pictures just come alive so much more. I need to work on that! Great job.


  2. How do you get to the Atkins Bottoms ? I’ve seen your beautiful picture and others of the sunset there. So I am hoping my family and I can see it sometime. We were in Atkins on June 14 th. Love your blog. I too was born in another state but have lived most of my life in the great state of Arkansas.

    Thanks !


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