Mt. Nebo Rim Trail

It was Mother’s Day, and you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful spring day in Arkansas.  The trails were calling my name.

Apparently my children did not hear the call.  Their hiking enthusiasm rated about a negative one that day.

Kurt, however, acquiesced, and took me to Mt. Nebo, where we hiked the Rim Trail.  A 3.5 mile hike, the Rim Trail is a fairly easy hike, in spite of a couple of short, but fairly steep inclines.

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Like the Bench Trail, the path winds around the mountain, only around the rim, as its namesake suggests. The trail offers some spectacular views of the River Valley.  According to the Arkansas State Parks Department, “on a clear day, one hundred miles of the Arkansas River are visible.”


We encountered many interesting relics that day, including this old stump that dominated the path as we were rounded the corner of Sunset Point.


Sometimes the trail leads into a more secluded area.  When it does, hikers are greeted with wildflowers, hardwoods and evergreens, and intriguing bluff-like formations.


It never seems to be very crowded, allowing for ample time to stop and capture some of the intriguing points along the way.

The view from Sunrise Point is undeniably stunning, and on sunny days, Petit Jean Mountain landscapes the horizon.


Finally making the last trek up the hill back to the car, I was refreshed and energized!  What a great Mother’s Day gift from Kurt, not the typical gift of flowers, candy or a dust gathering knick-knack, but the gift of time on a beloved mountain in the Arkansas River Valley.

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