My fourteen year old nephew, Sam, is a pretty amazing young man.  He’s a voracious reader and, because of that, he has developed quite a way with words.  Every once in while he sends me a little ditty that he’s written.

I was so moved by this poem that I wanted to share it.

America land of…..

Golden windswept seashores with waves thundering over the sand,
Dense wild forests filled with beautiful scenery,
Lofty proud mountains that look over the nation with majesty,
Broad, untamable rivers, which wind unstoppable through the countryside,
Incessant, rolling plains that seemingly continue forever.

America land of…..

Dauntless, stouthearted people who battle for liberty,
Numerous, zealous mortals who proclaim,
“God Bless America,
The Home of the Free and the Brave,
My Home Sweet Home!”


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