Clingman’s Dome

A trip to the Great Smoky Mountains has to include trekking the highest peak in Tennessee, Clingman’s Dome.  From this point, on a clear day, it is possible to take in the view of over one hundred miles in seven states.  Some days, unfortunately, clouds and air pollution limit what can be seen, but it’s still very impressive!

From the parking lot, sightseers follow a paved trail for half a mile.  The trail is fairly steep, and at the end, it begins winding around…..


…to a 54 foot observation tower.  Once at the top, hikers can read the informational signs that highlight important aspects of what is being observed.


It also is a place that provides a unique photo op!


Like Abrams Falls, it is one of the most popular spots in the Smokies.  It can be crowded, and the parking lot fills quickly, so the key is to try to get there early.  This was our second stop on that day, and it was pretty busy.  That being said, I found visitors to be very friendly and polite.  And why not?  Being able to experience the beauty of this area no doubt has the potential to brighten anyone’s day!


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