Arkansas Nuclear One and Two – A Different Perspective

One distinguishing characteristic of the city of Russellville is Arkansas Nuclear One.  When asked to describe its location, we usually say, “Russellville is the half way point on Interstate 40 between Little Rock and Fort Smith; when you see the nuclear plant cooling tower, you know you are in Russellville.”

The cloud of condensation can be seen on Interstate 40 for miles on a clear day.  It can also be seen miles away when traveling by air.


Operating since 1974, Arkansas Nuclear One provides enough power to supply the needs of thirty percent of Arkansas residents.


Towering over the banks of Lake Dardanelle, the plant has been a valuable resource, employing more than 900 River Valley residents.  These are high paying, technical jobs that have, over the years, brought people to this area, stimulating growth in the population and in the economy.


The state’s only operational Nuclear Plant, and the first nuclear plant to be built in the southwest United States, Arkansas Nuclear One has been approved by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to remain in operation for another twenty years, continuing to provide both clean, efficient energy and continued economic benefit to the River Valley.  That’s fantastic news for our citizens!

6 thoughts on “Arkansas Nuclear One and Two – A Different Perspective

  1. Great pictures and article. We are former residents of Russellville (1974-1977).. Seeing your pictures makes us home sick for ARKANSAS.


  2. Good morning. Your photos are wonderful. May I use them on my website? We are a small Project Management Organization which provides service to Entergy and ANO. These would make for a great addition to our site. It is currently under construction, but I would be happy to provide a link once it is up and running! Thank you!



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