Fall Foliage at Kings River Falls

The list of great places to visit for fall colors in Arkansas is practically endless.  Sometimes, however, there is an exceptional location, one that draws a nature lover time after time.

One such area is Kings River Falls.  It is truly one of my favorite spots.


A popular swimming hole in the summer, it continues to attract folks long after the hot weather subsides because of its surroundings.  Kings River Falls, nestled in the Boston Mountain Region of the Ozarks, is surrounded by various hardwoods which heed fall’s calling, transforming into vivid shades of red, orange and yellow.

kings3Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the turquoise pool that captures the flow enhances any shot that a photographer may take.


The trail head is about seventy miles from Russellville, a gorgeous drive down Highways 21 and 16, and then Madison County Road 3500.  The hike to the falls is extremely easy, and is a short mile from the parking area.   It follows along the river bed, and, the day we were there, it was very tranquil.


With the features of both the foliage and the water, visiting Kings River Falls is a fantastic way to spend a chilly October day in Arkansas.  It is one of those destinations that I always jump at the chance to visit!


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