Fall on the White River

Kurt is about to embark on his annual fishing trip in Norfork, where the White River meets the Norfork River.  It’s been a tradition of his for many years.


Over the years, he has managed to capture some great shots of his fishing buddies.


He even got Austin, who is normally camera shy, to smile last year!


This area is popular for trout fishing, and many local businesses cater to this industry, offering fishing guides and cabin and boat rentals on the banks of the river.  What’s most interesting about this small town of a little more than 500 folks is that it is one of the oldest settlements still in existence in Arkansas.  There are actually several buildings and structures in Norfork that are listed on the National Register for Historic Places, including the Norfork Bridge, the first road crossing of the Norfork River in Norfork.  This white truss bridge, which is located behind the railroad bridge, has since been replaced by a new bridge, and was destroyed in September 2014.


Located about twenty minutes south of Mountain Home, Norfork prides itself as being touted one of the finest trout fishing areas in the United States.  That doesn’t mean that Kurt is always successful in his annual quest for trout.   Sometimes he gets lucky and catches a few, but he always releases them or gives them away.  What he does come home with, however, are great photos!


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