Making New Friends at Blanchard Springs

Typically on the way home from his annual Norfork fishing trip, Kurt will take a scenic route, trying to capture autumn’s glory in the Ozarks.  This year was no different as he detoured through Blanchard Springs where the Ozark National Forest was littered with reds, oranges, and yellows.


Unhurried, he ambled down the Mirror Lake Trail, stopping at some of his favorite spots, such as Mitchell’s Mill….


…and Mirror Lake Falls.


It was a sleepy Sunday morning, an optimal day for the ultimate fishing story!


As he continued down the trail, he noticed a young family: husband, wife, and baby.  They were admiring the scenery, using a phone camera to preserve that special moment.  Understanding how precious some of those moments are, he asked them if they would like for him to take a family shot.

I guess Kurt looks pretty harmless because they wholeheartedly took him up on his offer.  Casual conversation always accompanies a friendly photo session.  As it flowed, Kurt learned that they were from Hazen, a small town in Prairie County where my parents ran a successful hardware store for many years.  Yes, the young man absolutely knew my mom and dad, validating the statement once again that, “It’s a small world!”


With an exchange of emails and thank yous, they went their separate ways.  I hope that this beautiful family enjoyed their impromptu photo session as much as Kurt did.

One of the great things about Arkansas is the fact that strangers are still friendly to one another, lending a kind greeting, or a helpful hand when necessary.  Sometimes, that might even mean a new family pic to hang on the wall!


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