Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

We recently visited southern New Mexico; our mission was to explore the White Sands area.  To our surprise, there were numerous attractions, among them was the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site near Tularosa, New Mexico.

As I was perusing the internet, I came upon their website.  Intrigued, my first question was, “What the heck is a petroglyph?”

Simply put, petroglyphs are images, or pictures,  created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading.  It was used as a means of communication among a group of people.

Hmmm….kind of like social media.

So, as I was hiking through this area between the Chihuahua Desert and the Sierra Blanca Mountains……


…I tried to imagine myself in a different time (around 900 A.D.), living with a different family (the Jornada Mogollon tribe).  Were our conversations really that different?  As I studied a few of the more than 21,000 pictures, I came to a startling conclusion:  probably not!

Humor me as I translate!



“Sporting my new hat!”  (Teenage selfie)


“Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life.”  (Inspirational Meme)


“The greatest fish recipe ever!  I’m saving this for later.”  (Pinterest recipe pin)


“I fed my goat a new plant I found near the mountain, and look at the results!”  (Before and after product advertisement)


“We were bored today, so the dog got to play dress up.”  (Humorous animal photos)


“The birds on the other side of the mountain are gigantic!”  (Family vacation photo)


“I got your back, bro!” (Supporting a friend in need)

No one really knows what happened to the  Jornada Mogollon tribe.   Their little communities were long abandoned before the Spanish arrived in this area in the late 1500’s.  Some archaeologists believe that they disbanded into smaller groups, assimilating with other tribes.  Whatever the case may be, they have certainly left their mark on the world, which confirms the suggestion to be mindful of what you put out on social media because it just might remain there indefinitely!

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