Gingerbread House at the Jones House

Perusing through the photos of the Gingerbread Extravaganza inspired me to buy my own gingerbread house kit.  The kids and I had decorated these confectionery creations in the past, but I really thought we could bring it up a notch.  I mean, my fifteen year old daughter, Sabrina, has been in pre-AP and AP Art classes for the past four years; surely some of the skills she has honed in all of those hours of drawing, painting and designing would be of benefit in this holiday project.  Besides, the box said that we would be able to build our house in minutes!


What we found was that it was possible to build the house in minutes, when we scrapped the “EZ Build” icing…..


…opting for the handy dandy glue gun!


We tried to follow the suggested picture on the front of the box, and at this point, I was feeling pretty hopeful.  No, the icing was ineffective as an adhesive, but perhaps we would have better luck with it in the decorating department.


This festive little wreath was easy enough to assemble…..


..but then it became obvious that the “EZ Build” icing was much to runny and heavy for decorating.  The snowy windows were melting like ice cream in a hot car.  Sabrina did have some luck with a method we like to call “smushing with the spoon.”


To our great fortune, we found a partially used can of Betty Crocker Decorating Cake Icing.  Our snowy rooftop was taking shape…


..until it collapsed.  Glue gun to the rescue!


Sabrina was a bit liberal with the candy decoration.  I had to get out some reinforcements….


…which made the perfect outline for the rooftop on one side….


…and the doorway on the other!


I don’t think our finished product is “award worthy”, but we did laugh a lot during the process.  That, for me, is imperative, every day, and most importantly during the Christmas season.

I may have lofty expectations about the outcome of my holiday decor, the feast I prepare, or the gifts that I give, but I really need to check my expectations at the door, relishing the moments of conversation, affection, and laughter.  Cliche as that might sound, I do believe that those are the perfect ingredients for a very Merry Christmas!





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