Holiday Fun in Ozark

Our quest for everything festive and holly jolly led us to Ozark on Saturday evening.  We arrived as a final group of horses trotted past, signalling the end of their annual Christmas parade.  However, the Franklin County Courthouse Square was abuzz with families enjoying the mild weather and beautiful decorations.

By following along the old sidewalk, we were led down a fantastic a trail of holiday cheer, beginning with a nativity scene….


….and leading to a myriad of yuletide favorites, including reindeer, ice skaters, and, the ultimate location for a family photo, the Christmas tree.


A very popular spot was the lighted tunnel.  Kids of all ages were highly entertained by making their way through it!


I even joined in on the fun!


On the northeast corner was a display that honored veterans, conveying warm wishes for those who have sacrificed for our country.


The greatest adornments, hands down, were the people.  Folks greeted each other with a  broad smile and a “Merry Christmas!” There was a genuine feeling of glad tidings in the air.  It was absolutely heartwarming.

That’s one of the best gifts of all:  a positive, kind connection from one person to another.  It’s a generous attitude that’s worth cultivating not only during the holiday season, but year round!






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