Winter Hike to Cabin Falls

Hiking can be a lot of fun, but, if this is a new hobby, one must appreciate the physicality of the sport, taking care to “start small”, opting for shorter treks in the first few weeks and months.  As the body adapts, longer, more strenuous hikes can be taken.

This was the mindset that Kurt had when his cousin, Rusty, contacted him.  Rusty had seen some of Kurt’s waterfall pictures online, and really wanted to get an up close and personal view of one.  There was one problem:  Rusty had not been hiking in some time.

Fortunately, there are many trails to waterfalls in the Ozarks, different trails that accommodate different skill levels.  One that is a fairly short hike is the Cabin Falls/Madenhair Falls Trail.

Cabin Falls

About fifteen miles north of Dover on Highway 7, this trail is 1.3 miles round trip.  According to Tim Ernst’s Arkansas Waterfalls Guide, the trailhead is actually 1.1 miles north of Mac’s Pines, a small resort with rental cabins and a lodge.  Hikers should park along the side of Highway 7 along the power line right-of-way, beginning the trek north along said right-of-way for about one hundred yards, turn right, then go downhill.  In very little time Cabin Falls will come into view.

Rusty behind Cabin Falls

Following the stream below Cabin Falls leads…..


to several smaller “Bonus” waterfalls!


The creek from Cabin Falls will eventually join another creek.  Following this second creek upstream will lead to Maidenhair Falls.

Kurt felt that the hike went well.  Even though a mile might even seem a bit far for some, because there were so many opportunities to stop, rest and enjoy the scenery, Rusty was able to handle it with very little trouble.  Hopefully this experience gave him the confidence needed to get out again and enjoy the great Arkansas outdoors!


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