Lost Valley Trail – Eden Falls Cave

The final stop on our May 2012 hike on the Lost Valley Trail was Eden Falls Cave.  Even though Eden Falls was merely a trickle….


…we didn’t despair because we were on our way to the cave.  Austin absolutely loves caves, and he was very excited to see this sign!

This is one of those caves in Arkansas where entering is still permitted, in spite of the concern of White-nose Syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease that has killed millions of bats in North America.

Having a tendency to lack being fully prepared, I was proud of myself for packing a couple of small flashlights.  However, since no one wanted to be totally in the dark, we explored the cave two at a time. There are two ways to get into the main room of the cave.  Kurt and Sabrina chose to go left, better known as the “crawling on your belly way”!  Austin and I stayed to the right, and though it was a tight squeeze, we did not have to get on our knees.

Sabrina crawling to the interior room of the cave.

The interior room of the cave, of course was very dark.  Kurt got this shot of Sabrina using a flash.

This room is known as the “Waterfall Room” because, after a good rain, a waterfall flows right about where Sabrina is standing.  I think a few cool drops hit her that day.

Nestled in gorgeous Boxley Valley, the Lost Valley Trail is one of those special places in Arkansas.  With so much to offer in the way of natural attractions, it’s a destination that will impress any outdoor enthusiast!
*It should be noted that it can get crowded on the weekends.  Because we visited early in the morning we were able to enjoy the different aspects of the trail at our leisure. By the time we returned to our car, the parking lot was beginning to get full.*




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