Snowy Morning at Cedar Falls

In an effort to tackle a research project on waterfalls, Austin asked his dad to be his guide. Of course, Kurt gladly acquiesced, venturing out with him to Cedar Falls at Petit Jean State Park early one frosty morning.

The overlook behind Mather Lodge

A blanket of snow covered the River Valley, a chilly detour for most hikers; however, Austin was in a time crunch.  Data had to be collected and recorded as the project’s deadline was approaching.  There was no time to get picky about a perfect hiking climate, and besides, being able to see Cedar Falls in these conditions doesn’t happen every day!

A snow covered backyard behind Mather Lodge

The temperature was beginning to creep up past thirty two degrees, so they found the trail to be fairly clear of any snow or ice.  That wasn’t the case once they got close to the falls.  It was a breathtaking winter wonderland!

Kurt took advantage of this opportunity to capture the scene.  Austin explored the area.  I wanted to post this pic to show how impressive this ninety five foot waterfall really is!

Austin examining the area near Cedar Falls

As Austin was making his way back towards Kurt, they heard a big crash.  A huge icicle had melted enough…

Notice the huge grouping of icicles on the left…

…to fall off, just moments after Austin had left the area!

…are no longer in this shot!

Suffice it to say, he avoided quite a catastrophe!

Sometimes the harsh sting of winter deters folks, including myself, from going outside. I’m glad these two guys braved the elements that day because they experienced Cedar Falls in a way that few ever do!





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