Little Rock Marathon

I have been a runner for most of my life.  It’s a part of my daily routine.   So, when I first heard about the Little Rock Marathon back in 2005, I asked myself that ever important question, “Why can’t I run a marathon?”

So I started training.  Following the schedule downloadable from their website, I began the five month process, running a long run each week to prepare for the big day.  The runs started out fairly easy, six to eight miles at a time.   My dogs Ruby…..


…and Scout were always willing to join me!


In spite of the support of my four legged companions, when the long runs began to stretch into the double digits, things got pretty real.  I had aches and pains that I had never before experienced.  There were weeks when I thought that taking on this challenge was very foolish.

Actually, around the first of January, I was just about ready to call it quits.  That is, until, Sabrina’s kindergarten teacher showed me a picture which described her New Year’s Resolution for 2006.


The stick lady in the front with the black hair is me.

Strengthened by her resolve and tremendous faith in me, I gutted out the process.  My family and friends were present to help celebrate my accomplishment.  My finishing time wasn’t exactly where I wanted it (4 hours 9 minutes), but I did beat Governor Huckabee!(Yes Mike Huckabee could actually run marathons at one point in his life!)


The Little Rock Marathon is less than a week away, and Sabrina and I will be clipping along with thousands of other runners early Sunday morning, participating in the half marathon.  It’s a great event with a fun atmosphere, an event that makes all the hard work worthwhile!




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