Little Rock Half Marathon – Part I

Admiring my accomplishment of 2006, Kurt decided a few years later that he was up for the challenge of a half marathon.  I decided to join him on this quest, and in 2010 and 2011, we participated in the Little Rock Half Marathon.  We pushed ourselves while training that second year, which paid off with an awesome time of 1:47!  (Not bad for two 40 somethings!)


Watching from the sidelines, Sabrina wanted to get in on the action.  After a successful cross country season, she was very confident that she could do it, in spite of the fact that she was only in the 8th grade.  “Will you train with me like you did with Dad?”

How was I to say no to that request?

So, in the late fall and through the winter of 2013-2014, we trained.  The weather during this time seemed to be extremely uncooperative.  It seemed as if we were always running in the snow, sleet, rain, or wind.  One day, during a ten mile run, we ran in all three conditions, finally reaching the house soggy, cold and irritable.

Running for me had always been fairly stress free.  When you add bad weather and a teenager to the mix, things can get pretty dicey!

Wanting her to enjoy the full effect of the weekend, we decided to attend the expo on Saturday afternoon, spend the night downtown, and then walk to the starting line on Sunday morning.

The expo was bustling with runners and their supporters.  We took a little time to check out the official route.


Goofing off at the sculpture garden at Riverfront Park was a great way to kill some time before dinner.


We decided to see exactly what it felt like to be in the elite corral……


…and even queried a downtown horse for some helpful tips.


After a nice pre-race meal of chicken sandwiches and salad….

…we said good night to the capital city…..


…dreaming those sweet dreams of being able to run with the Kenyans!





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