Little Rock Marathon 2014 – Part 2

The drizzly, cold morning that greeted us that first Sunday in March definitely did not dampen our spirits!  We merely added a rain coat to our ensemble, and prayed that the predicted snow thunderstorm wouldn’t hit until after we crossed the finish line.


A sea of plastic covered runners joined us for the 8:00 start, which actually, for us, did not start at 8:00.  Officials decided to stagger the starts…..


….the fastest got to go first, then five minutes later, a second group was given the go ahead, and so on.  To be honest, waiting in the rain was pretty miserable; my teeth were chattering and my body was shivering.  I kept jumping and dancing around in an attempt to stay warm; all it did was embarrass Sabrina!


Finally, we were off!  Obviously, Sabrina was a bit more intense about this than I was!


I did finally warm up, throwing my gloves to Kurt…..


…now dubbed not only our official photographer, but keeper of discarded gear.

Our race wasn’t all smiles and laughter.  I was just getting over a cold, and started coughing during the middle of the race.  We started a bit too fast, and began feeling pretty fatigued during the last couple of miles.  Resolved to follow through with this process to the end with a time under two hours, we willed our legs to pump even harder, in spite of the pain.  We crossed the finish line in 1:55!


Yep, she beat me!

This was definitely a proud moment for me, not necessarily for myself, but for Sabrina.  With an abundance of determination, she embraced the task of training and preparation wholeheartedly, and actually finished third in her age division.

I was just the lucky one going along for the ride.


Illness and injury kept us from participating in the 2015 Little Rock Half Marathon.  However, this year, we are primed and ready to go!  Look out Little Rock, here we come!




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