Maroon Bells – Crater Lake Trail

The awesome thing about Maroon Bells is that the beauty, the magnificence doesn’t just stop at this:


There are trails to be hiked, areas to explore!  One of those is the Crater Lake Trail.  This 3.5, down and back, hike is a great way to see a multitude of what the Rockies has to offer. It is rated as a moderate trek because it is rocky and a bit hilly.  This is one of those areas where proper footwear is a must.  Rocks litter the trail; wearing flip flops or even sandals could prove to be very uncomfortable!

Beginning at Maroon Lake, the trail leads through an Aspen grove….


..then through a more rocky area…..


..finally descending to Crater Lake.


Crater Lake fills a caldera, a crater formed by the eruption of volcanic magma from Mount Mazama more than seven thousand years ago.  This eruption was thought to be fifty times greater than that of Mount St. Helens…

..a powerful force to create such a phenomenal setting!





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