Diversions at Maroon Bells

As on many of the trails in Arkansas, while hiking in the Maroon Bells Wilderness near Aspen, Colorado, we noticed footpaths leading off the trail.

On three such occasions, we took the bait, choosing the road less traveled.  One area was particularly rocky…..

..but we stumbled along to this view of Crater Lake!


The second involved a steep climb and waking some sleeping hikers.  Although strenuous and a bit embarrassing, (Waking up strangers is rarely on my list of things to do!) it was worth it!


Kurt, always captivated by the sound of rushing water, decided to trek off course once again on the final hike of our trip.


While I waited, and conversed with a fellow hiker from Australia, he explored an area of beautiful cascades.


I am not advocating going rogue, and setting off on unmarked territory, but I do consider these footpaths as small gifts from previous travelers that only add to the enjoyment of a day in the wilderness!




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