The Jonquils at Augsburg

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago; we had been cooped up for days on end due to cold, rainy weather, and Sabrina had a bad case of restlessness.  Since the sun had decided to grace the River Valley for a spell, I had the perfect remedy.

“You wanna go with me to Augsburg?”


She looked at me quizzically, and yet, because doing anything would be a distraction from the boredom that tends to plague fifteen year olds regularly, she shrugged her shoulders and acquiesced.

As we headed north of Russellville on Highway 333, I began to explain.  Last spring, Thom Lasko came into Gallery B.  A jovial man, he ministers to a flock at the Zion Lutheran Church in Augsburg.  After complimenting Kurt’s work with enthusiasm, he invited us to come photograph the jonquils the congregation planted many years ago in a field adjacent to the church.  He assured me that it would definitely would be worth the drive.


I have to admit that Mr. Lasko was right!

Meandering down an unfamiliar road can be a bit unnerving.  I knew the church was on the right side of the road as we headed north, but I wasn’t sure how far.  “Just keep looking for a field of jonquils.”  I told Sabrina as she winded around the curves.

We were about to give up, thinking we’d surely taken the wrong road (I have been known to be a little directionally challenged).  Luckily, at that same moment we spotted the church…..


…..and the jonquils……lots of them.


Inspired, Sabrina asked for my camera, and, in spite of the cold wind and saturated ground, she hovered over numerous blooms, trying to capture this moment in time: a bright, fragrant arrival courtesy of Spring.


A definite cure for restlessness!







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