Harmony Presbyterian Church

The drive down Highway 103 has now become a new favorite of mine.  It meanders through the Ozark National Forest, and thus is shaded by towering pines, oaks and maples.  Dogwoods and red buds perched beside the flowing streams and small waterfalls add a sprinkle of color near the roadside.

We access Highway 103 at Clarksville, and about eight miles down this stretch of road lies the small community of Harmony, which consists of a few houses, several cows, perhaps a horse or two, and the Harmony Presbyterian Church.


This sturdy little church, built in 1915, has stood the test of time, rightfully earning placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

The building’s design is considered to be Late Gothic Revival, a movement that drew inspiration away from Greek and Roman influences and towards medieval architecture. Prominently perched on a hill in a fairly devoid of trees, it’s definitely an eye-catcher!


Perhaps that was the intent of the congregation all along, building something that would capture attention, and hopefully draw weary souls inside, so that they might relish beauty not only on the exterior, but also in the interior.


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