Eating Cake in Hot Springs

My daughter, Sabrina, loves cakes.   Well, not all cakes.

Specifically, she loves pancakes and cupcakes.

So when we found ourselves in Hot Springs on a weekend that just so happened to fall on her birthday, she was absolutely giddy, because, of course, the rules clearly state that the “Birthday Celebrant” gets to choose the restaurant.

Sabrina directed us toward cakes.

Pancakes and cupcakes.

Her first choice was The Pancake Shop, one of the oldest family owned and operated restaurants in Arkansas, serving home-styled breakfasts to customers since 1940.  The delicious food and outstanding service has been a constant throughout the years that prompts folks from all around the state to return time and again.

In fact, the first time that Kurt and I ate there, we began conversing with two ladies sitting at the table next to us.  They decided to get up extra early before work and make the trip to downtown Hot Springs from Little Rock, a fifty five mile trip, just for breakfast!  It’s that good!

We arrived there at 12:30, just shy of the 12:45 closing time, which they do take seriously.  We actually saw a few hungry patrons get turned away about ten minutes after we arrived.  Kurt commented that we would have definitely pulled the “birthday card” if that would have been us.

Luckily, we did not have to face such drama or disappointment, and feasted on a made to order breakfast fit for a king!  Sabrina had blueberry pancakes that covered the plate, Kurt opted for the omelet, and I had an English Muffin and fruit.  Just like my first visit, the atmosphere was easy going and comfortable, and the food was outstanding!


I usually make both Sabrina and Austin ice cream cakes for their birthday.  This year, she told me not to bother.  She wanted cupcakes from Fat Bottom Girl’s Cupcakes.

Hot Springs first cupcake shop, the owners appeared on the Food Network Channel’s Cupcake Wars in 2013.  I guess Sabrina figured that, if these cupcakes were good enough for Food Network, they must be good enough for a sweet sixteen birthday.


The great thing about ordering cupcakes is that a variety can be chosen!  Even better, the special of the day was buy five get the sixth one free!

Sabrina chose the lemon lavender and strawberry cream cheese.  Kurt picked cookies and cream and almond joy.  Call me bland, but I decided on vanilla bean.   They were all beautiful works of art that were easy on the taste buds.  Our favorites, however, were the strawberry cream cheese, and my beloved vanilla!


It was a great carb-filled birthday, one full of smiles and sugar rushes!  One that may deserve an encore next year!

The Pancake Shop is located at 216 Central Avenue in Hot Springs.  Fat Bottom Girls Cupcakes is a few doors down at 124 Central Avenue.




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