The Glory Hole Trail

Kurt returned home after his visit to the Glory Hole as excited as a kid in a candy store. “You’ve got to see this place,”  he exclaimed during dinner, “let’s go next week!”

So, the following Saturday, we loaded up the kids, and headed north.

The drive there was picturesque.  The trees were finally getting new leaves, and the spring flowers were flourishing in the field.   As we winded along the two lane country highway, everything looked so green and lush.  Spring was in the air!

We reached the parking area fairly early, which meant that we were the lone hikers on this two mile, down and back, fairly easy trail.  It is an old jeep trail, a wide gradual downhill slope to the falls.


Colorful spring flowers, including the scarlet catchfly, adorned the perimeter of the trail…

Huge rocks towered near Dismal Creek.  The setting is absolutely serene!


Nearby cliffs provide further opportunities for exploration!



Of course, the star of the show is the waterfall!  An impressive sight at the trail’s end!


We had had little rainfall that week, and the lack of flow reflected that fact.  However, it was still a magnificent sight!





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