The Ozone Burger Barn

When hiking, brown bagging it is the way to go.   Just picture it.  After completing a long hike, the body is weary and famished.  You find a nice flat rock in a picturesque setting, perhaps a waterfall, and enjoy a tasty sandwich, some water, and a bag of Cheetos.  (come on, it’s a dairy food, right?)  The body is nourished, your spirits are rejuvenated, and the trek back seems effortless!

Picnics in the wilderness are fantastic!

Picnicking in Yosemite National Park

Sometimes, however, we forego that option, typically due to lack of planning.  When that does happen, we usually find ourselves in the fortunate situation of trying the “local cuisine.”

Like the day we stumbled upon the Ozone Burger Barn.

We had departed home early that morning to hike to the Glory Hole.  Since it was only a two mile trail, I packed a few granola bars and some water, thinking that we would arrive home in plenty of time for lunch.

About twenty miles south of the trail head, we passed through the community of Ozone, population two houses, perhaps a dog or two and a stray cat, and the Ozone Burger Barn.  I had heard Kurt’s cousins talk about this fine eating establishment, and I was intrigued, but the thought soon faded.  I was ready to check out the waterfall!

As usual, we spent much more time there than anticipated.  It was almost noon when we got back to the car, the kids were ravenous, and we had no snacks.  So what’s a family to do?

The only thing to do was to take a risk and try the Ozone Burger Barn.  The payoff was tremendous!

The restaurant has no inside seating.  A shaded picnic table area is provided for patrons. A tray of various condiments lines two small shelves on the outside of the windows. There are numerous outdoor toys for the children to enjoy.  To say that it’s eclectic is an understatement!


Kurt, Sabrina, and Austin tried the burgers and fries, while I ordered the ham and cheese from a crusty old man who didn’t appreciate my indecisiveness.  Customer service aside, the food was phenomenal.  I promise you, that was the best ham I had ever sunk my teeth into!  The fries were hot and crisp, and the portions were meant for linebackers.  We took a huge container of leftovers home.


As we headed for home, a feeling of contentment fell over us.  We had created a new memory, and discovered not one, but two Arkansas treasures.

I chalk that day up as a win for our family!

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