Ode to a Lonely Tree – Mt. Magazine – Throw Back Thursday


Kurt wanted to take some pics of the sunset at Mt. Magazine last year.

He let me tag along!

He had the perfect spot in mind….  “There’s this tree I’ve heard about.”

My ears perked up.  A tree!  I love trees!  Images came to mind – a majestic oak starting to get its new leaves, or a soaring pine perhaps?

It was located at the Mt. Magazine Lodge, down a worn footpath.  A scrawny, spindly old cedar, perched on the cliff……


its neighbor a towering specimen that had years ago shed its leaves.



Inching down for a closer look, I became perplexed.  It was obvious by the trail that many had been there.  How could this deformed, imperfect tree attract so much attention?  And yet, as I continued to gaze upon it, I was drawn to admire its curves, its various colors,  and the trunk.  When I moved to a different spot, it seemed to capture and engulf the final rays of the sunset.


Usually I have to wait on Kurt; that night, he had to wait on me as I shared some quiet time with my new friend.

And this inspired me…..

   When our lives intersect
What is it you see?
Does my image need refining
For you to notice me?

Even though I’m gnarled and old
Will I catch your eye?
Will you stop and get to know me
Or will you walk on by?

If I stand a little straighter
Would you open your heart?
I have a lot to offer
I just don’t look the part.

My looks can be deceiving
True beauty lies inside
To regard or to ignore
Only you can decide.



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