On Graduation

My son is graduating from high school tomorrow.  It’s an exciting time in his life; a huge milestone that is thought to be the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Austin’s first day of kindergarten

Some have asked how I feel about this occasion.  Well, of course, I will miss him when he leaves for college, and I most likely will shed some tears, but, it is my heart’s desire for him to “go for it”, to find his passion, and to make those strides necessary to realize his dreams.

But most importantly, I hope that, at some point in his lifetime, perhaps a few “seeds” have been planted that will help him along the way.

Seeds like brush your teeth, eat some vegetables, CALL YOUR MOMMA…..


…and live fearlessly.

Fear has an insidious way of infiltrating and destroying lives.  I know that from first hand experience.  However, I also know that, though fear seems to always be floating around, especially when it comes to things unknown, it is possible to proceed in spite of it.

That’s what courage is all about.

I wrote this for my nephew a few years ago, and I thought it was appropriate for the Graduates of 2016…

A new page has turned
With much gratitude and cheer
And as you go along
Face each day without fear.

You are wonderful and intelligent
So unique and so dear
And as you go along
Embrace your differences without fear.

You will have so many choices
Sometimes it will not seem clear
But as you go along
Make each choice without fear.


You will see things that are unsettling
Folks that are friendly but insincere
But as you go along
Face each person without fear.

You will laugh, be in awe
You’ll get mad, and shed a tear
But as you go along
Experience feelings without fear.

Tough endeavors will present themselves
And you just have to persevere
But as you go along
Trudge the path without fear.


You have a family that stands behind you
Loving hearts with attentive ears
And as you go along
Ask for help without fear.

Faith and hope are valuable
Almighty power is always near
And as you go along
Tap into it without fear.

Life is wonderful, miraculous
A gift year after year
And as you go along
Choose to live without fear.




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