Arkansas – A Well Kept Secret

When we travel out of state, Kurt and I are always open to friendly dialogue with the locals or other fellow travelers.  “Where are you from?”  They ask.

Kurt replies with a grin on his face, “Arkansas.”

Usually the response is a half-hearted, yet polite, “Oh.”, or some reference to Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Presidential Library

However, as the conversation begins to flow, a sharing of our adventures in The Natural State ensues, usually accompanied by a few pictures.

“That’s in Arkansas?”  Asked a young man from Colorado just last weekend.

Yes, Hemmed In Hollow Falls, the largest waterfall between the Appalachians and the Rockies, is in Arkansas.


“That’s amazing!  Are these places easy to get to ?”

“Sure!  Lots of folks hike to the The Glory Hole every year.”



And, of course, our chests swell up with pride as we spread the word about our beloved state, the scenic overlooks….

Mt. Magazine State Park

….the pristine lakes and rivers…..

The White River

…the towering bluffs….

Roark Bluff

…the wildlife…..

The Buffalo National River – The Elk of Boxley Valley

and the unique natural wonders!

The hot springs of Hot Springs

There’s an old saying, “To those whom much is given, much is expected.”  The way I see it, Arkansas has given many wonderful, enjoyable hours to my family and me.  The best way to reciprocate that generosity is to always be willing to reveal this best kept secret as often as possible!





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