Time To Be Moved

Two spirited groups clashing on the street
I moved closer to get a better view
Anger and hate dressed as righteousness and love
Good fodder for the local nightly news.

Some of their arguments seem pretty sound
Others, well I have my doubts
No matter where you stand, it’s hard to explain
What the name calling is all about.


Horrible accusations that pierce the soul
Were spoken on that beautiful day
Don’t these folks realize the power of their words
That once uttered they won’t go away?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this so many times
And I quietly turned around in despair
I don’t want to be part of this madness
There’s obviously no solution over there.


Perhaps the solution lies in knowing
Who really is my brother
Focusing more on understanding
And helping out each other

Promoting change by listening
Maybe that’s where some answers lie.
Or breaking down barriers with love
I’d like to give it a try.

Hopefully in the near future
This insanity will have ended
And we’ll celebrate because in fact
Deep divisions have been mended.




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