Casey, Illinois

Needing to stretch our legs on a recent road trip, we were looking for an excuse, any excuse to stop.

“Hey, the World’s Largest Wind Chime is at the next exit.  Can we stop?”

Of course, Kurt is always willing to stop, especially when it comes to experiencing something extraordinary like ginormous wind chimes.

Boy, did we find that this little town, Casey, Illinois, was pretty extraordinary.

It all started when Jim Bolin, co-owner of Bolin Enterprises, a company dedicated to pipeline maintenance, decided to design and build something for his beloved hometown that would leave a lasting mark:  the largest wind chime in the world.

According to the Casey, Illinois website, “the wind chime, located at 109 East Main Street measures over 55 feet from the ground to the top, 16 feet taller than the previous record holder, and is constructed with five metal tubes which are suspended 49 feet from the ground. The total structure, including the chimes, weighs 16,932.4 pounds.”

All I know is that this structure, which took Mr. Bolin more than two years to design and build, was a lot of fun to ring!

The thing about Casey, Illinois, is that this whole “World’s Largest” concept took hold like a wildfire!  Just up and down Main Street alone we found the world’s largest rocking chair…

the world’s largest knitting needles and crochet hook…..


..the world’s largest mailbox….

…and Kurt’s favorite, the world’s largest number two pencil!

Right behind the wind chime is a workshop where all the magic takes place.  On that particular day, Jeff, a former art teacher, and his assistants, were busy creating the largest gavel….


…rocking horse…..


…and baseball bat!

This is an incredible example of a successful businessman investing selflessly, giving back to the community in hopes of reviving the economy  and revitalizing the town via tourism, and then perhaps, more industry.  I certainly wish them well, and look forward to my next visit to this self proclaimed “Small Town With a Big Heart!”




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