Flash Back Friday – Flatside Pinnacle

It was a glorious Saturday in June.  Mother Nature had yet to crank up the nasty Arkansas heat and humidity, and I wanted to explore something other than the Ozarks.  Luckily, the Ouchitas lie just south of Russellville.

Now the important question was, “Where do we start?”.

After perusing our handy dandy Tim Ernst guide, (For those of you who don’t know, Tim Ernst is the supreme authority of everything related to Arkansas outdoors.) we chose several cool spots in the Flatside Wilderness Area, among them, Flatside Pinnacle.

Located on FR94, it is a short, but steep hike to one of the most spectacular views of the Ouchita Mountains.


The trail is well marked, and nestled near its head is a plaque that extends appreciation to Senator Dale Bumpers for his efforts in preserving this beautiful wilderness in Arkansas.

The trail becomes somewhat rocky at the end.  It had rained the night before our hike, and I found the rocks to be a little slick, and actually slipped at one point.  Any injury incurred was absolutely forgotten as I neared the overlook.

The stunning landscape is breathtaking!  Phenomenal in the summer, imagine what it would look like in the fall.


Marking my calendar for a trip here in October is now on my to-do list!


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