Dream Fulfilling Car Show

Kurt ventured out one Saturday last fall, and, to be quite honest, I failed to be fully attentive to our conversation upon his return.

“There was a car show in the Journey Church (a local church)  parking lot, and I think I got some good shots.”


“Hmm…”  I replied with about as much enthusiasm as a slug in a salt factory.

I know that the “experts” say that communication is imperative for good relationships, but sometimes life is a little messy, creating distractions during those important moments.

And recently, as I was perusing his photos, I realized that, on that particular October day, because of my unfocused behavior, I missed out on a heart warming story.

It all started with a little girl from Clinton (a small town about 65 miles from Russellville). This ten year old named Lacey had been diagnosed with an incurable brain disorder, and her prognosis was grim.

So what’s a community to do when things like this happen?  Well, folks around this neck of the woods try to do something to make a difference.

In this case, they organized a benefit car show, raffle, and chicken dinner to raise money to send her to the land of the princesses:  Disney World.


And even though fall weekends in the River Valley are usually packed with peewee and college football, hiking, leaf raking and trips to pumpkin patches and corn mazes, locals took the time to support “Lacey’s Wish.”


And this little girl, who by all accounts has been a blessing to many, was blessed with a trip to the Magic Kingdom!


With all the bad news that never seems to stop circulating, it’s so refreshing to stumble upon a fantastic story like this, where selfless acts culminate into a “Happily Ever After” ending!




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