Arkansas River Trail – The Junction Bridge

Since the mid-1990’s, due to a huge investment of time, resources, blood, sweat, and tears, Downtown Little Rock’s River Market District has been a vibrant, busy area, attracting many visitors each day.

I always enjoy visiting the River Market District, but, being a small town girl, I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by the crowds.  Luckily, the Arkansas River Trail is located mere steps away, and has proven to be a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle.

The River Trail is actually an 88 mile loop that covers much of Central Arkansas.  Within Little Rock proper, a 15 mile loop provides urban hikers a unique look  of our capitol city.  One of my favorite sites along the way is the Junction Bridge.

The Junction Bridge, constructed in 1899, was a bridge operated by the Union Pacific Railroad, enabling trains to cross the Arkansas River until operations ceased in 1984.


In 2008, after an extensive renovation, it was opened to the public as a pedestrian bridge, linking Little Rock and North Little Rock.

An elevator is located at the entrance, enabling those with climbing issues to access the bridge, but my kids always enjoy taking the stairs.

The bridge is wide enough to accommodate both pedestrians and bicycles.  On our visits, it’s never seemed crowded…..


…and the views of the city are wonderful!




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