Flash Back Friday – Fall Creek Falls

When summertime weather rears it’s ugly head in Arkansas, creating a hot, steamy climate with little relief except for the occasional thunderstorm, my mind starts to wander back to a cooler, gentler time, a time where I actually enjoyed being outside on a trail or in my gardens.  These memories encourage me to persevere; better times are on the horizon. One such memory was a camping trip to Lake Catherine State Park in June 2013.

My Texas cousins, tired of the cityscape of Dallas and the barrenness of West Texas, wanted to visit Arkansas for a change of scenery.  Without a doubt, the Natural State delivered, in spite of the rainy start to the weekend, because, as we all know, there is a direct correlation between rain and waterfalls, like Fall Creek Falls.


Yes, we had to find alternative activities while the precipitation pounded our campers, but that Sunday morning the sky was clear and the Falls Branch Trail, which leads to the waterfall, was calling our name.  The trail head begins at the campsite, and it is well marked.


There are some interesting features along the trail, which borders Lake Catherine and then Falls Creek.  One of my favorites is the wooden bridge.


The hike to the falls is very short, and swimming is allowed in the pool…….


……which put big smiles on the faces of our kids!  The creek water was chilly, but they didn’t seem to mind.


My Texas family delighted in the beauty of the Ouachitas.  The weekend passed quickly, and this brief experience merely whetted their appetites for the Arkansas outdoors.  And though we have not camped together since then, I hope they know that we are always happy to show off the numerous highlights of this great state.


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