Hunt’s Loop Trail at Iron Springs

It started out as a cool morning in July.  Kurt decided to take advantage of this rare summer occurrence in Arkansas, and asked Austin to join him.  Wanting to explore something different, they chose the Ouachitas, namely the Hunt’s Loop Trail at Iron Springs.

We had actually been there a few years before, stopping briefly to capture the fall colors.


The Hunt’s Loop trail is a 4.3 mile moderate hike, rated so because of the steep ascent to a breathtaking view.  It is located on Scenic Byway 7, four miles north of Jessieville.

Less experienced hikers should not be discouraged.  There are several places to rest along the way….

..and the area is heavily wooded, providing ample shade.

Placards have been placed along the way providing information about the origin of the trail…


…and the history of this region.

As they ascended, so did the heat and humidity, so they hurried along, seeking the relief and comfort of the air conditioned car!  In spite of the less than favorable climate, they enjoyed the hike, and look forward to further hikes in this area.



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