Tree Rock Wyoming

We Arkansans love our trees, showcasing them constantly in fancy pamphlets and glossy magazines, in hopes of drawing attention to one of the great components of the beauty of the Natural State.

Old Cedar at Mt. Magazine

There are numerous conservation efforts focusing on this resource, in order to preserve it for generations to come.

Autumn Splendor at Steel Creek

Residents in Wyoming, however, have taken this idea of conservation to a whole new level!  Out in the middle of nowhere, between Cheyenne and Laramie, stands a twisted lumber pine tree, which appears to be growing out from a rock.  It’s name, simply stated, is Tree Rock.

The story goes that, when Union Pacific Railroad ran track through this area, officials diverted said track around the tree.  In fact, trains would actually stop by the little pine, allowing the locomotive firemen to water it!


The railroad moved in the early 1900’s, giving way for Lincoln Highway to be constructed.  They too, diverted the road around the tree.  In keeping with this trend, in the 1960’s, Interstate 80 was designed around Tree Rock.

We made a quick stop, paying homage to this potentially 2,000 year old specimen, growing out of the 1-4 billion old pre-Cambrian Era pink Sherman granite boulder, the cool, dry Wyoming winds welcoming us that clear morning.

An interesting detour, the history of the Tree Rock clearly indicates that “tree hugging” is a behavior that’s been a part of our history for much longer than I ever imagined!


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