Summer Vacay – Buford, Wyoming

The storm clouds joined us as we rolled into Cheyenne, Wyoming that Saturday night.


Plans for perusing the shops and sights of the historic downtown were thwarted by streaks of lightning and sheets of rain, so we called called it a night a bit early, nurturing sweet dreams of  unique discoveries for the week to come.

And what could be more unique than the smallest town of this great nation?

Yes, a little more than twenty seven miles west of Cheyenne, is the town of Buford, Wyoming, population 1.  The story goes that Don Sammons, his wife Terry, and their son purchased and moved to Buford in the 1980’s, a retreat from the fast-paced life of Los Angeles.  Following his wife’s death and his son’s departure, Sammons remained, not only acting as mayor, but also operating the Buford Trading Post and a post office.

In 2012, Sammons decided it was time to sell and move to Colorado to be closer to his son. So, what’s a guy to do?

List it on Ebay of course…duh…

And after mere minutes, eleven to be exact, he had a bid for $900,000.

Sold….to Pham Dinh Nguyen, a 38-year-old entrepreneur from Vietnam.

Sammons moved on, and Nguyen, who has remained in Vietnam, hired a caretaker to manage the Buford Trading Post and to keep the population number in check.  Supposedly, Nguyen has renamed the town PhinDeli Town Buford, as a way to promote his coffee line, but, as of June 2016, the city sign had not changed.

Still groggy from the long drive the day before, and anxious to do a little rock climbing, we opted to merely snap a few pics and be on our way.  If we ever pass through this way again, I want to be sure to sample Vietnamese coffee!



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