Hiking Rendezvous Mountain

The views from the peak of Rendezvous Mountain were phenomenal!


Further exploration was a must, and was accomplished via the Circque Trail.  This 3 mile hike, which is rated moderate to advanced, winds down the side of the mountain.

Sometimes it seemed as if we were walking sideways!

My arms definitely got a workout as I continuously had to steady myself on whatever rock or crevice I could find!

Finally, after about 1.5 miles of sideways trekking, the trail seemed to level off.

Sabrina even stopped to photograph some of the beautiful wildflowers that adorned the trail.


Kurt decided to join her in this activity, and got this amazing shot!

The great thing about the Cirque Trail is that it leads hikers to The Deck, a watering hole of sorts,  where folks can get a drink, buy a snack or a souvenir, use the restroom, and catch the Bridger Gondola down to the base of the mountain.  Since we had the “Family Special”, and could ride the lifts all day, we took advantage of this welcome repose!


This was a fantastic first hike, a great way to jump-start our morning and our Grand Teton experience!


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