Grand Tetons – Bradley Lake

Both the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone cover such a vast area that, in order to see as much as possible, long, all day hikes were not an option on this trip.  Wanting to see some of the glacier fed lakes that are touted on the travel websites and books that I perused, we opted for a trail that led us to Bradley Lake.

This 5.5 mile trail, rated moderate, begins at the Taggart Lake Trailhead a mere two miles from the Moose entrance into the park.  Bear warnings had been posted in National Park Service publications, but this sign at the beginning of the trail just made the possibility seem more real!


The trail leads hikers through a heavily wooded area….


..that, as it ascends, gives way to some amazing views!


It was a little misleading at times.  We could see the lake from this point, and it appeared to be mere steps away…


….however, the path seemed to twist through this meadow, and then back into the trees.  It was a gorgeous day, and the scenery was unbelievable, so we didn’t mind the extra steps at all!


At last we made it to the lake.  The kids and I settled on rocks near the water, dipping our feet in for some much needed refreshment…..


…while enjoying the breathtaking view!



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