Jenny Lake Trail

Reaching this junction after descending from a true point of exhilaration, we decided to forego the shuttle across the lake in favor of the 2.6 mile trek around Jenny Lake back to the car.


What an outstanding choice!

The trail was very shaded with many points of interest, which included cascading waters….


….interesting rocks and tree stumps…

….and clearings that provided views of both the mountains…


…and the lake.

The hike seemed effortless, and in no time we had made it back to the dock…

…and back to our car!    This trail is suited for all ages and skill levels, is wide and well marked, and is a great way to experience the Grand Tetons!

* One final note * The trek around Jenny Lake is very popular, which was evident by the almost full parking lot at 9 a.m.  In fact, when we passed by later that afternoon, it was absolutely overflowing with cars.  To avoid crowds in the National Parks, it’s always a good idea to hit the “hot spots” early!



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