Upper Geyser Basin

Though I had read about Upper Geyser Basin before our trip, it never quite sank in that I would be privileged to walk among the largest concentration of geysers in the world!

Mere steps away from Old Faithful lies a boardwalk that winds around numerous geysers and heated pools.


This four mile loop is a very easy hike, and could be done fairly quickly.  However, visitors are highly recommended to slow down, taking time to learn and perhaps better appreciate what is actually being viewed.

It’s very likely that those who heed this advice will be rewarded with one or more geyser eruptions!


The hot springs are the most common hydrothermal features in Yellowstone.  Our family’s favorites were deep turquoise, which, according to the National Park Service:

…results when sunlight passes into their deep, clear waters. Blue, a color visible in light, is scattered the most and the color we see.


Some of them are multicolored.  These springs are a few degrees cooler, thus having an environment suitable for thermophiles,  microorganisms that thrive in hot temperatures. Trillions of these microorganisms group together, and create fascinating masses of color.


Some of the springs had a gorgeous combination of the two!


We spent the better part of the afternoon ambling from spring to spring and from one geyser to the next.  Due to our snail’s pace, we actually got to see Old Faithful erupt again from a different angle!


The Upper Geyser Basin was a fantastic introduction of Yellowstone.  Exploring this area demonstrated to me that the world’s first national park definitely stands out as a unique gem of our great nation!



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