Indian Rocks Beach

We’ve visited many beaches along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico, and each has a unique personality.  If I were to give a label to Indian Rocks Beach, it would be “The Friendliest Beach with Small Town Appeal!”


No matter the place or time, be it the CVS late on Christmas Eve, or the Slyce Pizza Bar two days later, we were greeted with warm smiles, amiable conversation, and a willingness make our stay there both memorable and relaxing.


The thing that struck me the most was the way the locals treated each other.  It was easy to pick up the genuine regard and concern these folks had for one another.  Several times I heard, “How’s your mom (or other family member) doing?”, “Did you get your car fixed?”, not to mention, “Merry Christmas!”  These conversations took me back to my own childhood, where neighborliness was commonplace.


We took advantage of the temperate climate, running each morning.  Once again, ambling along, we witnessed neighbors conversing in lush green lawns, taking time to stop and catch up, enhancing that sense of community; a trait that should be coveted throughout this great country.


We visited Indian Rocks Beach, located about thirty miles west of Tampa, two years ago, and, yet the feelings of welcome that I experienced there are as fresh as the day they occurred.  There might be other beaches that have more physical appeal (I say that, but Indian Rocks Beach is fantastic!), but, hands down, it is one place I definitely want to revisit in order to soak up some of that incredible hospitality!



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