Snow Days in Arkansas

Winters in Arkansas are, at best, very inconsistent.  For instance, in the month of January, we have seen temperatures swing like a pendulum, from lows in the teens one day to highs in the seventies the next.


This erratic nature of old man winter has proven to be problematic for Arkansans simply because we are never able to acclimate to the weather.  Studies show that it is possible, and indeed probable, for people to adjust to the cold IF they are exposed to wintry conditions for 10-14 days.  The body simply needs that time to make the necessary physiological adjustments, which are both metabolic and hormonal.

Since that is a rarity in the Natural State, we happily don our flip flops one day, and begrudgingly wear three shirts, a pullover, leggings, jeans, two pairs of gloves and socks, a hat and a partridge in a pear tree the next!

In the past, I have been known to have a negative attitude towards winter, even to the point of complaining about and even dreading its onset.  I have cursed myself for my lack of toughness, remembering times when the arctic air mass that entered the state left me shivering and in tears.  I hope that, in the future, I will cut myself and Mother Nature some slack, knowing that, if wintry conditions persisted, I could indeed be a snow bunny!

I am bundled up like the Michelin Man in this January 2013 photo!












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