New Blaine Caboose

About twenty miles southwest of Russellville on Highway 22 lies the small community of New Blaine.  In 2010, it boasted a population of 174 people, eight buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, a handful of Heinz 57 canines, and an old Missouri Pacific caboose.

By chance, Kurt and I found it on an aimless Sunday drive.  There were no signs that prohibited exploration or photography, so we did a bit of both.

The bright red paint, once seemingly inviting, was in desperate need of some TLC, having fallen victim to both time and weather.


The inside was about the same.  Kurt walked cautiously through the old car, while I peeked in from outside.


The encounter was one of those times that I longed for the walls to start talking, revealing perhaps a few entertaining anecdotes about the heydays of the railway system in Arkansas, or even how this cherry red beaut staked New Blaine as its final resting place. But, of course, cabooses are fairly tight lipped, which left us with little but speculation.

A unique piece of history, train enthusiasts travelling in this neck of the woods should definitely take the time to check it out!




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